The Center for Positive Sexuality

Founded in 2007, The Center for Positive Sexuality is a non-profit orginization that emphsizes a sex positive perspective in education and research initiatives. As stated on their website ” A sex-positive perspective acknowledges the wide range of human and sexual diversity among individuals; a multitude of sexual identities, orientations, and practices; gender presentations; and the need for accessible healthcare and education. Sex positivity also encourages open and safe communication, ethics, consent, empowerment of sexual minorities, and the resolution of various social problems that are associated with sexuality.”

During the summer of 2020 Matchett was offered a Research Intern position at the center where he continued his research on Puppy Play under the mentorship of Dr. DJ Williams. Additionally, Rob was tasked with making the materials for CPS’s Certification program accessible to persons with disabilities. This involved reviewing all of the materials on their canvas learning platform, and editing their powerpoint presentations. At the end of his internship Matchett was presented this Certificate of Completion

Currently Matchett is staying involved with The Center for Positive Sexuality in a voulenteer capacity. As a voulenteer Matchett is continuing to work with The Sex Positive Professional Certification Program (SPPCP). He has also been offered opportunities to do research. In addition to voulenteering with the center Matchett is pursuing the SPPC which involves a 10 module course in positive sexuality, attending events hosted by the center, and attending conferences. For more information on the SPPCP follow this link.